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Executive Summary

Fashion particularly clothing and wears has gradually grown from what people wear to a distinct culture since time immemorial. The idea of fashion and clothing, in particular, has been reformed particularly due to the depth of creativity and innovative nature designers in the industry continually bring to the table. The Nigeria clothing and apparel industry are also on a high rise and more players are gradually emerging in the industry with the dogged ones only, a guarantee of sustainability and growth.

ZITU Clothing is an apparel and clothing production company that has been in operation for over two (2) years. Under the expert leadership and tutelage of visionary and open-minded individuals, we are strategically positioned to extensively cater to our customer’s needs and demand. Our years of experience, level of business know-how, and understanding of the market pros and cons makes us unique and stand out from others in the market.

We specialize in quality and premium standard Urban and streetwear such as T-shirts, long tees, sweatshirts, shorts, joggers, hoodies, tracksuits, knitted wears, etc. We focus on our customer’s demand and cover all steps of manufacturing, such as sewing, knitting, and printing. All our production steps pass through highly professional and exceptional processes to guarantee optimum quality.

Our brand is one that is defined by the quality of the wears and clothing, the impact of our forward-thinking and relate-ability to the diversified consumer of today. This diversification is reflected in the voice tone of our brand as well as our products. The iconography of our brand lies within its attention to detail, be it the detail within the clothing or the detail within the execution of designs. We carefully ride with the industry wave; picking and establishing innovative ideas to distinguish our brand and the entirety of our products and services.

At ZITU Clothing, our customer’s best interest has and will always come first, and everything we do is guided by our unique values and professional ethics. We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our customer’s needs precisely and completely. We have cultivated a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for our business associates, employees and for our customers.

We exhibit, here at ZITU Clothing, a diverse set of interests. This is why we will always be viewed as an authority who points to what is both best and accessible for those who connect with us. Our philosophy begins with the inextricable link between how one looks, how one feels, and how successful one will be.
One aspect of our business that has and will always sway customers to us is the quality materials used in the production of our wears and apparel. We specifically ascertain that our wears are of premium quality and high standards only. Therefore, our clothing and apparels are able to stand the test of time and appeal to customers with their masterclass design and branding method.

Aside from a well-structured business model, in any business, the success and growth largely weigh on the back of the team of staff. This is why alongside our owner; we have built a team of a credible and highly qualified team of staff. As the business continues to grow and expand; we will source, vet and hire experienced and qualified staff into the needed positions in the company.

We are very much aware of the presence of competitions in the industry that have been around for a while and have acquired an extensive range of experience. But we are not daunted a bit by this because we are quite certain that our unique products and services quality content will continuously distinguish us in the market. Actually, we are motivated by their presence as they will always keep us on our toes at all times to deliver top-notch products and services.

Mission Statement

ZITU Clothing’s mission is to produce and sell high-quality and masterclass clothing and apparel produced in line with the best global techniques; exhibiting trendy and appealing designs. Our aim is to bring to life the ideas and demands of our customers in the most unique and professional way possible.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish a strong and domineering presence in our market sphere. We want to become the most decorated and recognized clothing and apparel manufacturer in Nigeria as well as the globe in just a few years of business operation.

Company Description

ZITU Clothing is a Nigeria based apparel and clothing manufacturing company established in 2017. It was first known as “ZITU Custommade” back in March 2017, until last year March 1st, when it was rebranded. We operate from a quality business location in Nigeria and the UK.

Expertly led by a creative-thinking owner, we continually garner experience, knowledge, and extensive business know-how to consistently delight our customers with high-end clothing with timeless and innovative designs. Our slogan is “Birthing Your Imaginations”

Business Goal and Objectives

Our Goal
The goal of every business is to be successful. By success, it means a large customer base, constantly increasing patronage, and the business growing daily. ZITU Clothing’s top goal is to run a business that will not only succeed in revenue and size but will also have a landmark impact locally and nationally

Our Objectives

At ZITU Clothing, we have set the following objectives for our apparel and clothing production brand:

• To generate substantially significant revenue at the end of every year of operations
• Produce a positive return on investment (ROI) for our business and build a larger and loyal customer base
• To build a solid foundation and maintain business growth that will sustain the revenue
• To operate a clothing and apparel production brand associated with excellence and quality
• Establish a minimum of 95% customer satisfaction rate to create long-term relationships with our customers and create word-of-mouth marketing.
• To achieve a consistently increasing marginal profit
• To expand to a multi-unit franchise within the global market
• To achieve a payback on investment within the projected number of years
• To always increase our profit margin through an increase in sales, frequency of sales.

Keys to Success

At ZITU Clothing, lots of factors have steadily contributed to our growth and success over the years. We plan on maintaining, as well as building on these variables in order to continually standout and delight our customers with quality wears. Some of these factors include;

Quality Wears: One factor we can always guarantee our customers is that we trade quality wears only; whether ready-to-wear or customized. Our quality production materials and state-of-the-art machines and equipment tone our capabilities to ensure our wear and clothing drip in finesse.

Online Market: Our wears and collections will not just be listed in stores for sale only. Aside from Social media platforms, we have our website for the company where our wears will also be listed on our website for easy finding, order placement, and product purchase.

Professional Customer Service: We greatly value our relationship with our customers, so they can always feel great knowing our team will be here to help assist with any questions or concerns they might have.

Competitive Pricing: At ZITU Clothing, even though we produce clothing and wears of the highest standards and quality, our products are offered at affordable and competitive prices. Our wears will represent great value for their prices. In an effort to sell at a comfortable price, we will never compromise our quality and unique business values.

Improvements: In an effort to earn an impeccable image, we will continuously look for innovative and creative methods towards improving our wear and clothing. We will not slow down a bit in our pursuit to always satisfy our customers with excellent and trendy designs.

Knowledge about the Industry: We aim to continue to update our knowledge with the latest and most profitable industry techniques and ideas that are in compliance with local and international industry standards by keenly following the trends and learning from established players as well as instituting about new ideologies.

Others include;
• Utmost commitment and dedication of our team.
• Complying with all relevant and necessary regulations as regards our business model
• Executing sales and marketing plan which will build customer awareness, customer discovery and customer loyalty.
• Continually learn from customer feedback
• Providing incentives to loyal customers at strategic periods

Core Values

At ZITU Clothing, we have and will always uphold values such as:
• Integrity
• Social Responsibility
• Convenience
• Ready-to-wear collections
• Trusted Products
• Customized wears
• Availability
• Accessibility
• Affordability

Guiding Philosophies
The following are values and philosophies that have always and will continually guide us, not just as a company but as individuals associated with ZITU Clothing. They include;

• We are dedicated, creative, passionate, and loyal to our business and customers
• We are an advocate of teamwork and we work as one big family
• We appreciate art and modern design
• We always value and prioritize our customers
• We make beautiful, high-quality wears of customer’s choice, requests, and desires
• We always support our community and give back
• We put our customers’ needs before our own
• We live and strictly operate by our principles

Products and Services

ZITU Clothing was established with the aim of maximizing profit in the fashion and beauty industry. We want to compete favorably with the foremost jewelry making companies in Nigeria and the entirety of the world which is why we have put in place a competent quality assurance team that will ensure that any product and service rendered meet and even surpass our customers’ expectations.

We will work hard to ensure that ZITU Clothing’s products are not just accepted nationally in Nigeria but also in other parts of the globe. We specialize in the following urban and street wears listed below. However, we are flexible, creative, and industrious and hence, we can produce just any wears or designs a customer wants.
• T-shirts
• Long Tees
• Sweatshirts
• Shorts
• Joggers
• Hoodies
• Tracksuits
• Knitted Wears, etc.

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